I won a gift card from Road ID for entering a contest during the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.  They gave me a $25 gift card.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to get.  I kept shuffling through all their products and couldn’t decide what appealed to me most.  Then I remembered Andy saying something about how Road ID had special bands dedicated to Wouter.

I’ve wanted to donate something to Wouter’s family, but I just never had the money to give anything.  So I’ve decided to purchase the Road ID band (all proceeds go to the family) and I’m donating the rest of my money (and a little of my own) to Wouter’s family.

I know it’s not a lot (I swear, I wish I could do more), but I’m simply just hoping that my donation helps in some way.  Plus, it’ll be nice to keep his memory with me whenever I’m on my bike.

we miss you.